Dissertation Proposal

   Dissertation Proposal

My dissertation is researching “Personal Lifestyle Weblogs and Free Hosted Browser-Based Blogware success: the role of usability.” My proposal is attached. The main question is whether or not the usability of free hosted browser-based Blogware impacts, or not, on the usability of the personal lifestyle Weblogs they create? The hypothesis is that Blogware with good usability will be more likely to generate Weblogs with better usability. The aims and objectives of this study are to analyse the relationship between free hosted browser-based Blogware usability and the usability and usage of personal lifestyle Weblogs they create. It will investigate Blogger.com, WordPress.com, Livejournal.com, Xanga.com, and Typepad.com. This proposal gives background on the Blogosphere, Bloggers, different types of Blogging tools (Blogware), different Blogware features, Weblogs, and a complete review of background existing research literature which has already been published which is relevant to this research project. 

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