heuristic usability evaluation

Attached is my My Heuristic Usability Evaluation of Blogger.

Scoring is measured as:

0 usability catastrophe
1 serious usability flaws
2 significant issues
3 minor concerns
4 generally usable
5 exemplar for usability

The main conclusions from this evaluation:

Blogger is generally very usable and useful to users with very good usability.

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4 Responses to heuristic usability evaluation

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  2. Web Design says:

    im not big on blogger, you should integrate WP!

  3. wilddogsandenglishmen says:

    Hello Web Design – The review that has been published is just the first of five – my research plan includes a heuristic evaluation of,, and – as well as Blogger. I will post them here as I complete them.

  4. mbt shoes says:

    One again, your article is very nice

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