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The art of simplicity: TypePad Micro

TypePad Micro is the easiest online free hosted blogging service to learn to use and the easiest to remember how to use out of the Top 5 most used blogging services of this type. This is due to how much it supports users, … Continue reading

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Heuristic Usability Evaluation of TypePad

Click here for Heuristic Usability Evaluation Typepad The usability issues highlighted within this evaluation indicate how TypePad could be improved and point towards recommendations for further redesign. Improvements would improve the effectiveness, efficiency, safety and learnability of the application. Improving these … Continue reading

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Usability Study of Five Personal Blogs

Click on this link to download the full Usability Study Five Personal Blogs Full Report PDF which provides the full details of the usability findings for each of the blogs plus methodology and user profiles. This usability study has been done as … Continue reading

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iPad Experience Wins the Beauty Pageant – but…

iPad Apps and websites would win any Beauty Pageant, according to Jakob Nielsen’s recent report from a very comprehensive usability study of Apps and Websites on the iPad. You can get the original PDF report here Jakob Nielsen iPad Apps and Websites Usability or … Continue reading

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Fantastic feedback on Xanga usability evaluation

I have received a fantastic feedback response to my Xanga usability evaluation which you can read at: response to TVUStudent1 Usability evaluation of | pantsdude on Xanga.

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I Blog on the iPad…I wish!

Uh-Oh. I appear to have turned into Gollum: “Precious, precious, precious!” I cried. “My Precious! O my Precious! My Precious Shiny Shiny iPad…” I am greener than an Ent (large walking tree character for those who have not watched Lord of the Rings) about all my friends and … Continue reading

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  Click here to download the PDF of the Heuristic Usability Evaluation of Xanga  Introduction was evaluated from the point of view of the Hobbyist Blogger, the persona who fits the scope of my research project, as being the … Continue reading

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