The art of simplicity: TypePad Micro

TypePad Micro is the easiest online free hosted blogging service to learn to use and the easiest to remember how to use out of the Top 5 most used blogging services of this type.

This is due to how much it supports users, and facilitates learning, but it is also due to the simplicity of its structure.

This is the structure of TypePad Micro:

See how it to compares to the structure of LiveJournal:

Not surprisingly, users will find it easier to learn and easier to remember how to use TypePad Micro, as the structure is focused entirely on users’ needs and tasks. This means more users will be using TypePad Micro quicker, and enjoy all the benefits of blogging quicker. Less is definitely more!

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One Response to The art of simplicity: TypePad Micro

  1. Nice blog post. I love the effort you put into your site.

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