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Personal Weblogs And Free Hosted Online Blogware Success: The Role Of Usability

Six months of work completed, the final submitted thesis paper is attached. Click on the link below to download. Kathy Cook MSC Computing Interaction Design Dissertation AUGUST 23 2010 This project has focused on the usability of Blogware and Weblogs, … Continue reading

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Usability Study of Five Personal Blogs

Click on this link to download the full Usability Study Five Personal Blogs Full Report PDF which provides the full details of the usability findings for each of the blogs plus methodology and user profiles. This usability study has been done as … Continue reading

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I Blog on the iPad…I wish!

Uh-Oh. I appear to have turned into Gollum: “Precious, precious, precious!” I cried. “My Precious! O my Precious! My Precious Shiny Shiny iPad…” I am greener than an Ent (large walking tree character for those who have not watched Lord of the Rings) about all my friends and … Continue reading

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Hurrah! 6 users found for usability testing!

After struggling to find enough users to fit my Blogger persona (see previous article) at last I have found my 6th usability test person who fits my Blogger persona. I now have my optimum number of users for me to be … Continue reading

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Is Blog Theme Usability the root of all evil?

How much does a blog’s usability come from the theme you choose? Or how much of your blog’s usability is affected by the blog platform you use? Or the fact that your blog platform only offers certain themes makes the … Continue reading

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Blog usability testing starts

Yesterday I started my usability testing on 5 blogs. These blogs were chosen because they are the highest Technorati ranked personal/ lifestyle blogs (not an official corporate business blog) written by individuals, created using one of the five most used … Continue reading

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Usability testing prep

In preparation of the usability testing of 5 weblogs I have prepared tasks, questions and a SUMI-based questionnaire. The tasks are to evaluate what users actually do when using the blogs. The questionnaire is to evaluate users’ perceptions of their … Continue reading

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Blog usability article

Blog usability article – there are some interesting comments here, but Jakob Nielsen’s is more comprehensive – see my Blogroll.

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Are you a Bob Blogger?

If you’re reading this blog, then you fit the profile for my thesis research. Take a look at the attached. It’s a Persona, which describes the profile of a typical user. This is the start of my HCI research study … Continue reading

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Blog reader’s poll

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