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Personal Weblogs And Free Hosted Online Blogware Success: The Role Of Usability

Six months of work completed, the final submitted thesis paper is attached. Click on the link below to download. Kathy Cook MSC Computing Interaction Design Dissertation AUGUST 23 2010 This project has focused on the usability of Blogware and Weblogs, … Continue reading

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iPad Experience Wins the Beauty Pageant – but…

iPad Apps and websites would win any Beauty Pageant, according to Jakob Nielsen’s recent report from a very comprehensive usability study of Apps and Websites on the iPad. You can get the original PDF report here Jakob Nielsen iPad Apps and Websites Usability or … Continue reading

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I Blog on the iPad…I wish!

Uh-Oh. I appear to have turned into Gollum: “Precious, precious, precious!” I cried. “My Precious! O my Precious! My Precious Shiny Shiny iPad…” I am greener than an Ent (large walking tree character for those who have not watched Lord of the Rings) about all my friends and … Continue reading

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Dilbert does Usability

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The power of creativity

Nice view on making an effort, making a positive difference, about how creative endeavour can change things, with an interesting conclusion about videoing your actions and publishing them. I guess too many negatively motivated people have had that idea aided … Continue reading

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Fuzzy UX

There’s so much Argy-Bargy about who does what in usability, user experience, interaction, interface design – and there’s so much debate about Designers vs Users vs Techies – it all gets a bit fuzzy, as the user, great ideas and designer can often … Continue reading

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Dom Norman’s article in Interactions Magazine and his conclusion: “Are natural user interfaces natural? No. But they will be useful” in a world where everyone is getting very touchy is brilliantly timed. Everyone is getting on the Tactile bandwagon, led by the touchscreen innovation of … Continue reading

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RIA Screen Layouts

This is a great article with loads of really juicy helpful information about designing for a rich internet application such as Blogware. It includes the following: RIA Screen Layouts View more presentations from Theresa Neil. Theresa Neil RIA screen layouts

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