About This Blog

This Blog is part of the final piece in my studies for an MSc in Computing Interaction Design, writing a dissertation on the usabilty of Blogware (blogging tools) and blogs created by them. I believe there will be a link between the usability of blogging software and the usability of blogs they create. Not sure – we’ll see. The research for this will uncover the usability and user experience of blogging tools and blogs and will include my own hueristic usability evaluations of blogging tools, blogger user profiles, and usability tests of blogs. The marathon is nearly over after 2 and a half years of studing user experience, human computer interaction, and usability, which I have loved, so it has been a labour of love, not a chore. As I do the research for my dissertation I will add my discoveries to this Blog and finally will publish the finished paper here in 3 months (August 2010). As part of my research for my thesis I will post here all of my musings, discoveries and research into blogging user experience and usability. This blog has been created to explore the user experience of using WordPress.com, but of course this has also been created as another way to put off the moment when I actually have to start writing my dissertation. So far I’ve had a distinction in each module on the course, so I’d like to think I’m going for Gold to get a distinction in this dissertation as well, but right now I think I can hear my kettle calling me to make another cup of coffee, or it may be time to comment on some juicy blogs I’ve found or write another post to this blog…


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